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Treating your customer how you would want to be treated is such a simple concept, but should be the primary objective for any professional provider of a service. Years and years ago, I was eating supper at a well-known diner which I will not name, and had an experience which was revolting enough to make that visit to the diner my last. I would have let it slide that the waitress forgot part of my order, however; when she returned to my table with the rest of the meal I had ordered, I was shocked and appalled. This waitress brought the missing course of my meal to my on a spatula, and used her un-gloved finger to push it off of the spatula and onto my plate. This revolting display of “hospitality” obviously didn’t strike her as inappropriate, but I was so disgusted with what I had seen that I lost my appetite instantly. The waitress has probably left a similar impression on more guests of that diner other than myself which should just go to show that the customer’s opinion matters most! Your San Antonio mover here never loses sight of how valuable the customer experience is when we provide relocation services.

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