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tips for moving plants

When moving this year there may be live items that you would like to bring along this year such as live plants. Relocating these items can be stressful as these items are delicate and due to sudden shifts of climate can be very detrimental. We at your local San Antonio Movers movers are here to ensure that your plants make it through this move with ease. Here are some helpful tips below to help with the relocating process.

  • Pack all large plants last in the truck, this way you can get it out first.
  • Drain all excess water from the plants right before placing on the truck.
  • Place small plants in boxes lined with plastic.
  • If packing fragile pots make sure there is padding on the bottom such as crumbled newspaper.
  • Leave these boxes open and clearly marked labled “fragile”
  • Trim any protruding limbs prior to loading on the truck to ensure truly harmful damages don’t occur.

Here at All My Sons were dedicated to making this move as stress free as possible. Hopefully these tips can give you a better generalization of what actions to take when relocating your plants this year with ease.

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