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San Antonio Movers Want You to Save on Energy Costs

If you pay bills, there is no question that you want to avoid spending as much money as possible on your essential services. You may not realize it, but there are many culprits in your home that are guilty of using gluttonous amounts of energy, driving up your electric bill. Knowledge is power and with the following information, you can easily adjust your habits around the home as they apply to electronics and decrease your energy bill.

Starting in the entertainment areas of your home; there is a concentration of high energy usage right in your living room. Your plasma TV’s, newer-model video game consoles, and cable boxes for example, all use up quite a bit of energy. Plasma televisions give off quite a bit of heat, indicative of an energy waster, a 40-50 inch plasma TV uses two to three times the amount of energy of other televisions. Furthermore; newer video game consoles require more and more energy as the quality of their graphics improve; graphics-quality is much higher of a priority than energy efficiency for video gaming companies. Your cable box, along with other electric boxes in your entertainment center, may not seem like an obvious power problem, but actually consume quite a bit of energy as these types of electronics are rarely if ever turned off. One simple technique for controlling energy in the entertainment areas of your home is to employ an energy saving power strip to power the contents of your entertainment center. Such power sources efficiently monitor your electronics and conserve energy when your devices are idle.

Not every energy waster in your home is as obvious as your entertainment electronics. Items which remain plugged into electric sockets in your home have the potential to gradual and continuously draw energy. Items such as phone chargers or rechargeable-battery power stations should only be plugged in while in use. This goes for your lap top power-supply as well. LCD picture frames have become pretty popular within the recent years, and draw power continuously. Your choice of light bulbs in your home also affects your energy bill. It is best to opt for energy conserving fluorescent lighting in your home. Every bit of energy consumption helps you save money on your electric costs.

Life doesn’t stop to let us figure out every little nook and cranny. Nonetheless energy conservation is extremely important; not only in saving you money on your electric bill, but also in protecting our environment. Your San Antonio movers highly suggest that you do an inspection of your entire home and take every opportunity you come across to cut down on energy consumption. It’s a win-win effort!

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