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San Antonio Movers Look Forward to Brighter Future for Entire Industry

Recently a bill was introduced to the state capitol by the House Transportation Committee which, if passed, will do a lot of good for the moving industry AND its consumers. Sadly, there are San Antonio moving companies that hold themselves to extremely low standards, and that are hardly licensed to provide the “service” that they claim to perform so well. Rogue movers, as they are often called, mislead consumers in need of relocation assistance with the false thoughts of cheap and efficient moving services. What the unfortunate consumers will soon find out though is that you get what you pay for in this industry. The aforementioned freshly filed bill will make operating without proper credentials much more difficult if passed.

There are already fines and penalties which affect unlicensed movers in a negative way. However; the penalties will carry a much bigger stick assuming the bill is passed. This not only protects consumers from moving-day nightmares, but it protects professional and reputable movers as well as the moving industry as a whole will quickly see far less of the rogue service providers that give us all a bad name. Your pro mover here in San Antonio is hopeful that this proposal is put into action soon; nobody deserves the hardships that shoddy moving impostors burden families with on a daily basis! In the meantime, take my advice and only hire professional licensed movers in San Antonio when you need relocation assistance!

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