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3 Ways to Reuse Packing Supplies


The end of the move is finally here. Your boxes are unpacked, all the rooms in your new home are set up, and you’re ready to finally relax. But wait – what are you going to do with all of those packing supplies sitting in the corner of the garage? You may not be able to think of another reason to reuse those packing peanuts or bubble wrap, but before you throw them out and waste your money, consider these 3 ways to reuse packing supplies, courtesy of your San Antonio packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage



The number one culprit of leftover moving supplies, boxes are also the handiest when it comes to reuse. Boxes can be reused around your house as organized storage, trash cans for messy items like paint or chemicals, or you can use cardboard boxes for mailing packages during the holidays, or for a birthday.


Packing paper and Newspaper:

Cut your holiday spending by using newspaper or plain packing paper to wrap gifts instead of costly holiday-themed wrapping paper. Newspaper can also be used to eliminate odors from shoes by the front door.
Packing peanuts: Packing peanuts can be used as a drainage system for potted plants, or used to create wall designs when repainting a room.


When all else fails – let the kids play with it! Boxes can be used to create a fort, packing peanuts can be painted for decorative appeal, and newspaper or packing paper can be used to make signs.



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