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Packing Supplies for Furniture

If you are getting prepared to move homes, you should think about your furniture and the proper packing supplies needed. Heavy furniture requires special tools and added care, and you should plan to avoid stress. By investing in a sufficient number of appropriate packing supplies, you will be able to ensure extra protection for your furniture while in transit. Our San Antonio Movers give you the best packing supplies for furniture to use during your next move.

Packing Materials

Important packing supplies for furniture include ridged cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and plastic stretch wrap. For couches and mattresses, purchase covers that fit accordingly to prevent dust and moisture from creeping in. It’s important that you wrap all your furniture pieces properly so that they stay tightly secured during the move. The cardboard sheets are used for strong durability and they are also water resistant. This packing supply is perfect for heavy weighted items because it provides extra strength.

Specialized Packing Equipment

In addition to the proper packing supplies for furniture, you will need special equipment to safely move your heavy furniture and a set of tools for disassembly. These items include furniture pads, moving straps, and a lot of hand tools. You will need a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench to name a few. Don’t forget personal protection gear such as work gloves and you will also want to invest in property protection materials. This includes corner guards, foam paddings, and plywood sheets. A dolly is the last packing equipment we suggest you get your hands on for a seamless move.



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