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Last minute tasks

When moving, there is a definite need to bring closure in the old community and create new attachments in the new. These components are crucial for a healthy stress free move and here at your local San Antonio mover we understand that. There are plenty of tasks that varies form each individual family. Below are some specifics and general tips that will help guide your through this relocating process.

Opening new bank account

As you may know, many banks are regional, long distance moves may require choosing a new bank. If at all possible try to open a new bank account prior to the move date before closing your old one. Tranfer funds and everything you may have into your safety deposit box.

Find new doctors

Here alone is a crucial decision that must be made prior to relocating. Interview these potential physicians over the phone, asking for credentials, specialties, and working style. Be sure to ask specific questions that will deal with the doctor’s philosophy: How busy is his/her work schedule? Do they take in new patients? Do they take the time to care and get to know each and every individual?

Transferring medical records

Be sure to have copies of doctors records and case records to be forwarded to the new doctor.

Transfer insurance

Make sure that you’re able to get in touch with your insurance agent prior to the move. See if they offer service still in the area that you will be relocating to. If not see if he/she may have some suggestions as to what companies may be located in your new location.

We at your local San Antonio mover want to ensure that your family has a wonderful experience in this moving process. With these tips and suggestions for your relocation we’re sure of that. So lets make it a great day and know that our family is definitly here for yours!

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