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San Antonio Movers that Tweet?

Well it’s true. Everybody is tweeting, including San Antonio movers. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the country and top-notch San Antonio movers have made it their business to connect with their customers through twitter. As I research your best movers in San Antonio, I continue to find a common thread. The commonality is focused-based customer service. This service extends from the basic service oriented care via phone to social media networking through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. I would venture to say if your upcoming mover does not provide some sort of social media networking you should look elsewhere. Reputable San Antonio movers are making it easier for their customers to receive first-rate service through varied means. Gone are the days of the one facet approach to customer care.

As my quest to stay abreast of quality moving in San Antonio continues, let me know what you discover. I want to hear about it…Tweet on!

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