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Eco-Friendly Packing Services in San Antonio

Moving can be harmful to your wallet and the environment. All of the moving supplies used during a move such as boxes and packing tape end up being thrown in the garbage. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent environmental damage moving forward. Our packing company in San Antonio prides itself by providing eco-friendly packing services for all our customers. Here are tips you can follow for an eco-friendly move!

Packing Materials

Packing materials usually end up as a lot of waste after a move is complete. There are alternatives you can try for your eco-friendly move. You should look for used boxes, since the typical box can stand multiple moves, depending on what they are holding each time. Ask family who have recently moved, your local grocery store, or any store that would constantly receive large shipments of goods. Finding used boxes is extremely important since brand new ones are not your greenest choice. When we move, we use more than just boxes, and those packing materials can really add up. Try finding bioplastic packing peanuts for a great eco-friendly supply alternative. You will find that our packing services include green packing products if you are looking to hire a moving company.

Donate old items

For an eco-friendly moving experience, you can donate your old clothing and other items you wish to get rid of. This will help alleviate the amount of packing supplies you will end up needing and ease the moving transition. Instead of throwing away these items, you should donate them or sell them to help the environment.

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