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Do you wish to keep your kids busy this summer in San Antonio, but it’s got to be on a budget? Well, now there is no having to choose between the two. All My Sons Moving & Storage will be the first ones to tell you that the city of San Antonio provides a multitude of engaging activities all summer long! Check out some of these free events for kids this summer in San Antonio that are offered around the city; your kids are bound to have a blast!


Krispy Kreme: On June 15, Krispy Kreme is hosting a family night! There will be donut decorating activities, as well as interactive games. The best part is that this night is appropriate for all ages, and besides, who doesn’t enjoy a free donut?


Yanaguana Gardens: On June 20, Yanaguana gardens are creating a free, organized play event for children this summer in San Antonio. It will be every Monday, and the games and activities encourage kids to socialize, learn and grow together, which is perfect for families who have recently moved to San Antonio.


Briscoe Western Art Museum: Every Tuesday night, the Briscoe Western Art Museum offers free admission from 4-9 p.m. and it provides special events. Each Tuesday has a different schedule, and some of the events include book readings and club gatherings, Gallery Talk, and music-related activities this summer in San Antonio.


Acequia Park: On June 28, the Birds, Bass & Boat Program is free of charge for all children ages 8-15. Instructors will train and assist the kids in learning to paddle and other various nature activities such as birding, fishing, and exploration.

San Antonio, also known as the City of Yellow Roses, was recently voted the nation’s number one city for love. If you are a hopeless romantic and are moving to San Antonio, then you may find this list from All My Sons local movers a sweet treat for you and your significant other. The following are the top three romantic things to do after moving to San Antonio.

1. Tower of the Americas: Located in downtown San Antonio, go to the top of the tower and have a magnificent dinner with an equally as stunning view. The tower is 750 feet tall and it overlooks the Alamo City. The restaurant slowly rotates so that you are granted every angle of the view and you never miss a beat. There is also a 4D Theater Ride, along with the finest dining in town, making Tower of the Americas the perfect, romantic thing to do after moving to San Antonio.


2. Anne Marie’s Carriage House: This is a quaint botanical garden that also offers brunch and drinks. There is a build-your-own-mimosa option, making this one of the most fun things to do in San Antonio. Have a mimosa with someone special and peruse the vibrant gardens. You are bound to be filled with profound tranquility and love for the earth, the beautiful day, and your company.


3. Slab Cinema: This area shows classic movies outside. It is the ideal spot to lay down a blanket, bring a bottle of wine, prepare a home-cooked meal, and bring someone special to view a movie under the stars. Out of all the romantic things to do after moving to San Antonio, this is a classic romantic activity, and the City of Yellow Roses understands the value in a true classic.

If you are a true adventurist, then you will be ecstatic to be moving to San Antonio. San Antonio offers a large range of outdoor activities that are not for the feeble hearted. The true explorer will revel in all of the natural features around this eclectic city. Check out the following attractions, and happy exploring!


Natural Bridge Caverns: Take a tour and discover these magnificent caverns that are the product of centuries of weathering. You can take a tour in the Glen Rose Aquifer, weave your way through some hidden passages, or engage in some gem and fossil mining and bring home a memorabilia like no other. There is also a canopy challenge, which includes an explorer course and a zip-line overlooking Texas Hill Country.


Paddling Trails: Seize the day and take a ride down the San Antonio river. There are both inland and coastal trails, and all sorts of water wildlife to discover after moving to San Antonio.


Enchanted Rock State Natural Area: Located right outside of San Antonio, this state park contains a large dome rock formation made from pink granite, along with other various rock formations around the area. This is the ideal spot to go hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, or birdwatching. Make a couple of sandwiches and bring along a fellow voyager, and have a picnic enveloped by greenery. Go on a hike to the top of the rock and go stargazing in the dead of night. This is a land like no other, and you will never run short of wild endeavors after moving to San Antonio.

Are you a fellow foodie, like us here at All My Sons Moving & Storage? Well, you are in major luck then, because San Antonio is a hotbed for food festivals. Seize these opportunities to chow down on some delectable dishes and get to know others in your community with a common love. Don’t miss these enticing festivals this summer in San Antonio.


Beer Dinner At Flying Saucer: On Saturday, June 18, the Flying Saucer will be providing a five course meal, including five different types of freshly brewed beers from the Epic Brewing Company. Some of the foods that will be served include Epic Los Locos, Epic Son of a Baptist, pulled pork sliders topped with grilled red peppers and pineapple corn relish, shrimp and salad with a citrus vinaigrette, and marinated tuna with Mexican rice. After a long move to San Antonio, this is the one place where you can come hungry and leave happy.


Prime Time for Fine Wine: J-Prime Steakhouse on July 7 is the time and place to sample a variety of fine wines this summer in San Antonio. Invite people out with you and taste some Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet. All the wines offered have a 92-point rating and they will be accompanied with fanciful appetizers.


Restaurant Week: From August 13th-27th, the city of San Antonio will be celebrating its spectacular cuisine by designating a week towards appreciating the local eateries around town. There will be a special fixed price to sample any food you like at all of the local restaurants. Discover some great new dishes and use this outing to appreciate the unique creations of your new city this summer in San Antonio.


A common question that local San Antonio movers get asked is “what do you do for fun in San Antonio.”

Those who are typically asking the question are those who are newly moving to San Antonio.

So your local movers compiled a list of what would be a “perfect day” for fun in San Antonio, combining both locally renowned aspects of San Antonio and touristy must-do activities.

1. Take the mini locomotive tour around Brackenridge Park. With the first train chugging off at 9 a.m., you can get an early jump on an eventful day.

2. Next, be a tourist for a little while and visit the iconic landmark, Alamo: The Price of Freedom. Then, stroll through the real life, 0.5 mile experience of the Alamo.

3. Test your problem solving skills by visiting the DoSeum. Although typically for kids, there is no reason for you not to channel your inner child and have some hands-on learning fun!

4. Once the summer sun is up and scorching, go indoors to Scobee Planetarium.

5. Lastly, end your adventure packed day with a night hike at Palmetto State Park.

From local advice to touristy suggestions, your San Antonio movers can help guide you in the right directions. If you are moving within San Antonio and are already a well-rounded local, it never hurts to kick back and enjoy everything this rich city has to offer while All My Sons Moving & Storage moves your home.

Thinking of moving to San Antonio? Don’t spend another second mulling over the thought!

San Antonio has so much to provide for young adults, families, and those looking to retire.

Take it from your local movers who have been relocating families, individuals, and businesses to San Antonio for over a decade.

One of San Antonio’s top annual events just took place in April – Fiesta San Antonio. But, if you are moving to San Antonio this year, you will be settled into your new home in time to attend the 2017 Fiesta San Antonio – you won’t want to miss it!

Fiesta San Antonio is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the diverse heritage and culture of San Antonio. Ever since the first parade in 1891, Fiesta San Antonio was born. The parade was a fun and celebratory way to honor those of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.

Today, Fiesta San Antonio is a nationally known festival that raises millions of dollars for Alamo City. All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio encourage those new to San Antonio to join in on the local festivities and to “Party with a Purpose.”

This year, the Fiesta claimed its 125th anniversary. As a town with a lot of history and rich culture, there is a lot to enjoy.

There are many ways to get to know a city when you are a new mover and a great place to start is by getting involved. Fiesta San Antonio is a great place to start whether you want to volunteer, be a member or partner, or even a participating vendor.

The next event will take place from April 20-30 of 2017.

Just ask your All My Sons movers of San Antonio what they love about Fiesta San Antonio.

Yes, San Antonio has flooding alerts.

For those who are moving to San Antonio, you may not be aware of San Antonio’s recent Flash Flood alert. Recently, the National Weather Service issued the alert within the South Central Texas counties.

You are probably thinking: what do flash floods and moving to San Antonio have to do with each other?

Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage San Antonio movers are looking out for your best interest while you move to San Antonio. If you are new to the area, it is always good to be prepared for the area’s national disasters. If you move to California, you want to be prepared for earthquakes. If you move to Florida, you would need to do some research on hurricanes and thunderstorms. And if you move to San Antonio, Texas, you will need to learn about flash floods.

Flash floods typically entail severe storms from hailing and damaging winds with little to no notice. For example, the past flash flood warning estimated up to a 3-inch rainfall and 6 inches in some areas. Storms like these can be detrimental to your new home, and you should make sure that your new San Antonio home is prepared for unfortunate situations where inclement weather is severe. On the contrary, if you are still in the market for a new home, San Antonio flood zones are areas you may not want to invest in. Or, you should at least make sure that the home you purchase has no foundation issues caused by flash floods, or has been raised.

Local San Antonio movers have been assisting many families and individuals with moving to and from the area for over 25 years. Our years of expertise in the area allow us to better equip those we are moving with information on the area and how to stay safe, be prepared, and move into a home in an area that will make them love moving to San Antonio.


All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to make sure that you move in style. While your San Antonio movers are packing every last bit of your belongings, go have fun and enjoy your new city! In fact, take a little vacation while our trusted local movers do all the work.

If you are moving to San Antonio from across town, relaxing in the touristy sites may not be relaxing to you, but there are so many fun activities that your San Antonio movers highly recommend as a day outing or weekend getaway; check out our list!

Bike or Canoe the Mission Reach

The San Antonio Mission Reach is a beautiful 8-mile stretch of San Antonio river just below downtown. Visit San Antonio Missions Reach and explore the banks or take a canoe ride down them. Over the past couple of years, the city has made remarkable improvements on the river. If you have not visited the park in recent years, San Antonio movers highly recommend that you check out the latest renovations of one of San Antonio’s most historic sites. Bring a picnic, friends and family, enjoy the summer weather, and make a day of it!


Another fun summer activity is tubing! You aren’t a true San Antonio local if you have not floated down Central Texas’ lazy rivers. Just a short drive from San Antonio are four famous Texan rivers that are perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day. Right of the Guadalupe, Comal, San Marcos, and Frio rivers are several tubing companies that you can rent tubes from and enjoy your day while your movers finish unpacking your new home.

Do not let moving ruin your summer. Take a little day vacation while All My Sons Moving of San Antonio does all the heavy lifting.

While uprooting trees and shrubs may seem like an easy task, the task of transplanting plants while moving to San Antonio can be extremely difficult. Many transplants die once they are uprooted due to improper removal or installation. If you are bringing some plants from your previous home to your new home in San Antonio, polish up on your green thumb skills with some tips from the All My Sons Moving & Storage about transplanting plants like trees and shrubs while moving to San Antonio.

1. Prior to transplanting, you will need to determine whether the plant needs sun or shade, the spacing requirements, and watering needs. Make sure to determine the location wisely based upon these parameters, this is a key component to the success of transplanting plants.

2. Next, before you dig up the tree or shrub, you will need to dig a hole in the new location that you have selected. Once you dig up the plant, the longer the roots go without a home, the lower your chances for a successful transplant.

3. Once you reach the bottom of the hole, do not break up the soil beneath. This does not help the plant’s roots penetrate the soil, it can cause the tree or shrub to sink, inviting rot.

4. Once your hole is prepared you should then dig up the tree or shrub for transplanting. You should not dig directly next to the base of the mature tree or shrub rather, start digging about 3-5 feet out from the base to include the mass of the roots.

5. Now that you have the plant uprooted, you should place the plant in the newly prepared hole. Once inside the hole, begin to fill in the dirt and stamp out any air pockets while watering. Stamping out air pockets will prevent the shrub or tree from shifting.

6. Mound up the soil in a ring around the newly transplanted plant, forming a berm that will catch water like a basin. This will help you to achieve the main objective from here on out- keeping the plant’s roots well-watered until they can become established on their own.

7. Place mulch around the plant, approximately 3 inches out, to allow for aeration and prevent rodents from nibbling on the trunk of the newly transplanted plant.

8. The most important step to transplanting plants when moving to San Antonio is to water, water, water! Watering is as essential as anything to success in shrub and tree transplanting.

All My Sons & Storage is happy to announce that San Antonio chef and restauranteur, Johnny Hernandez, will prepare a special meal for the White House this coming Cinco de Mayo. All of the details are still being worked out, however Hernandez is expected to finalize his menu later this week.
The San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez stated “It’s one of the highest accomplishments ofmycareer.”He continued, “I’m very excited to share the authenticity of Mexican cuisine with the White House and to bring the culture of San Antonio to a whole new place.”
Chef Johnny Hernandez will be the first San Antonio chef to serve as a guest at the White House. He will be commemorated along with other notable guest chefs such as Rick Bayless from Chicago, who is remembered for cooking a 2010 state dinner with the then-president of Mexico; and Maricel Presilla, a Cuban native chef who was based in New Jersey and held an authority on Latin American cuisines. Ms. Presilla cooked for President Obama for “Fiesta Latina”in 2009.
There have been other top chefs to display their culinary skills at the White House, including, Emeril Lagasse, Masaharu Morimoto (famed for his legendary run asan Iron chef), Mario Batali, Guy Fieri (of the Food Network), and “Top Chef Masters” winner Marcus Samuelsson.
The movers and packers in San Antonio are proud to congratulate one of our home town residents following their dreams and making it all the way to the White House. A big congratulations isin order for Chef Johnny Henandez. Feliz Cinco de Mayo y buena suerte!