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You’ve made the move to South San Antonio and now your house is filled with packing products you don’t need. Why not make them into Halloween decorations? All My Sons Moving & Storage South San Antonio has some unconventional ways to use those packing products to create a spooky atmosphere for your new home.

Garbage bags can make the best giant spiderwebs. A simple tutorial is offered here on how to create them. These spiderwebs are the perfect decorations for your kid’s bedrooms, the living room and more.

Take those moving boxes you have stuffed in a hall closet and create some classic Halloween decorations out of them. Cut out bat stencils and paint them black to hang around your windows or on fan pull chains around your home. Create word stencils like “Boo” or “Happy Halloween” to paint and place on your doors or walls. You can also create long lasting cardboard pumpkins and paint them orange.

You can also create Halloween costumes from those leftover packing products. Your moving boxes can create great robot costumes, or any kind of car, plane, boat, etc. by cutting holes on the sides of the box for your arms and the top of the box for your head. Packing peanuts make great popcorn kernels for your salty snack costume, or great bugs for a creepier look. Bubble wrap makes a great tutu for a ballerina costume.

Be creative with your leftover packing products. Whether you create spooky Halloween decorations or a creative costume, we hope these tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage South San Antonio help you enjoy your Halloween!



Packing is arguably one of the most stressful parts of the moving process. It is time consuming and can come with a lot of headaches depending on how much stuff you really have. Our professional South San Antonio movers are here to help. Here are three packing techniques we use to ensure your move is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

1. Start Early!

Procrastination can be dangerous when you are planning a move. People tend to push off packing until the last minute, which can lead to serious frustrations when you do not have what you need, and time is running out. Make sure you prepare for your packing process- create a budget, buy packing supplies, and make an inventory list of the items in your home that need to be packed up. Don’t know where to start? Call our South San Antonio movers- we have experience creating plans for even the most complicated packing jobs.

2. Clean out your house!

Moving is the perfect time to do a good purge of your belongings. Go through each room of your home and pull out those belongings you never use or no longer need. Throw a yard sale or donate those items to a local charity. The less items you have, the less time and money you have to spend on moving them. You will also feel great moving into your new home without the clutter

3. Be creative with what you already have in your home!

Do you have a lot of extra towels, clothing, or blankets? Use them to pack your fragile items in the kitchen and living room. Lots of big suitcases in your closet? Use them to pack heavy items that you don’t want to carry- you can roll them around instead. Have too many hanging clothes? Don’t fuss with taking them off the hangers- wrap them in garbage bags to create your own DIY wardrobe boxes. Save money by using what you already have creatively.

If you still have questions or need resources about packing techniques, give our South San Antonio movers a call today! We will work with you to create the best plan possible for your upcoming move.



The garage is undoubtedly the last room anyone ever wants to pack up. It’s dusty, its cluttered, and it’s full of big bulky items you don’t know what to do with. When the easy rooms like the bedrooms or bathrooms are all packed up and you’re left with just the garage, what’s your first move? How are you expected to pack up your bikes, tents, garden tools, lawnmower, and basketball hoop without bending or breaking something essential? Leave the rough stuff to the San Antonio packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

All My Sons Moving & Storage is pleased to offer garage packing services in San Antonio. We’re prepared with the most durable, high quality packing supplies to get the job done the right way. With a team of experienced, insured movers, we’ll tackle everything – even that dusty corner full of old Christmas decorations. We use a packing strategy to ensure your items travel safely. We’ll disassemble and reassemble larger items that may require it, and we’ll make sure everything is labeled and ready for transport. Not only will we pack everything safely, but we’ll load it into our moving truck and get it to your new place in no time.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Remove all chemicals. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to transport chemicals, gas, or paints to your new location, so make sure you properly dispose of these items before we arrive.

When you’re ready to get your move done right, call All My Sons Moving & Storage. Let our team of San Antonio packers help you tackle even the most difficult rooms – like the kitchen or the garage.



The end of the move is finally here. Your boxes are unpacked, all the rooms in your new home are set up, and you’re ready to finally relax. But wait – what are you going to do with all of those packing supplies sitting in the corner of the garage? You may not be able to think of another reason to reuse those packing peanuts or bubble wrap, but before you throw them out and waste your money, consider these 3 ways to reuse packing supplies, courtesy of your San Antonio packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage



The number one culprit of leftover moving supplies, boxes are also the handiest when it comes to reuse. Boxes can be reused around your house as organized storage, trash cans for messy items like paint or chemicals, or you can use cardboard boxes for mailing packages during the holidays, or for a birthday.


Packing paper and Newspaper:

Cut your holiday spending by using newspaper or plain packing paper to wrap gifts instead of costly holiday-themed wrapping paper. Newspaper can also be used to eliminate odors from shoes by the front door.
Packing peanuts: Packing peanuts can be used as a drainage system for potted plants, or used to create wall designs when repainting a room.


When all else fails – let the kids play with it! Boxes can be used to create a fort, packing peanuts can be painted for decorative appeal, and newspaper or packing paper can be used to make signs.



An office relocation sounds like the most stressful, unorganized, time consuming task imaginable. Not to mention, it can offset the productivity of a company for weeks or even months. Fortunately, as the premier moving company in San Antonio, All My Sons Moving & Storage offers full packing and moving services for offices as well. This means you decide when and where to move your company, and we do the rest.

San Antonio commercial movers will create a moving plan with your team leaders based off timeline expectations and budget. Then, we’ll pack everything, and we mean everything. This includes computers, cubicles, chairs, desks, wiring, office supplies, and whatever else you possibly have lying around your office. Let us organize everything into sturdy packing supplies for you, then quickly and efficiently transport it to your new location for easy setup.

If, however, you believe in the ability of your team to move everything seamlessly, let us provide you with commercial moving packing supplies to ensure your items remain unscathed in the moving process. We have the necessary packing supplies to get the job done, including:

Boxes – small, medium, and large

Durable tape

Bubble wrap

Packing Peanuts

Specialty boxes

Protective padding, and more.

Let the San Antonio commercial movers at All My Sons handle the annoying, hard part of moving, and you focus on keeping your staff on track and enjoying your new location! Call us today to learn all about our partial and full packing services, as well as our high-quality durable moving supplies.




Although it may not be the biggest room in the house, the kitchen always seems to be stuffed with the most items. Think about it: cabinets full of holiday dinner wear, old crockpots you haven’t used in years, and multiple appliances you probably never plugged in. Many people save their kitchen as the last room they tackle in the packing process, only to become overwhelmed at all the oddly shaped items, unsure of how to complete the job. Non-coincidentally, kitchens are the most requested add-on for packing services.

All My Sons is here to save you. Our team of movers are pleased to offer specialty packing services, including full kitchen packing.

What’s included in our kitchen packing services in San Antonio?

As agreed upon by you and our moving coordinators, our team will arrive at your residence with the proper packing supplies, including boxes, protective padding, tape, bubble wrap, moving dollies, and labels. We’ll pack everything carefully: fine china and dishware is wrapped in protective paper, then bubble wrap, then gently placed in boxes and loaded in our moving truck to ensure no items are damaged. Oddly shaped appliances are loaded into boxes like a game of Tetris. Don’t worry – Your breakables are always safe with us.

Here’s what we need you to do: before your move, make sure you eat, donate, or toss out all perishable food items, as we aren’t authorized to transport those items in our moving trucks. Then, sit back, relax, and leave the irritating parts of moving to us.


Whether you are moving to San Antonio from in-state or out-of-state is going to make a huge impact on your moving and packing costs. All My Sons Moving & Storage of San Antonio has everything you need to know when it comes to moving long-distance. Taking the time to plan your move carefully and in advance will benefit you tremendously during the process. When you pack for a long-distance move, there are certain things you need to consider, and you can follow these tips on how to pack for your next move.

Packing your Items

During a long-distance move, your belongings will be handled by multiple movers riding in trucks for a long period of time. Because of this, you should place extra care on cushioning your items before securing boxes shut. Packing products that help with this include bubble wrap and packing peanuts. You should understand that your boxes can easily be turned on their side or upside down during the long journey. Invest in high-quality boxes that are sturdy and durable for a move of any size. You should consider packing your mattress in a box so it does not bend out of shape or become tarnished.

Make sure you keep your personal items with you and not with your boxes during a move. Any item that you will need upon arrival to your new home such as clothes, hygiene items, and sleeping materials should not be separated from you because you never know when your shipment will arrive.

Don’t pack any sealed containers of liquid or non-perishable food items to go on the moving truck. They run the risk of opening and causing your belongings to become wet, so our team of movers save you the hassle and don’t allow these products in our vehicles.



Moving can be harmful to your wallet and the environment. All of the moving supplies used during a move such as boxes and packing tape end up being thrown in the garbage. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent environmental damage moving forward. Our packing company in San Antonio prides itself by providing eco-friendly packing services for all our customers. Here are tips you can follow for an eco-friendly move!

Packing Materials

Packing materials usually end up as a lot of waste after a move is complete. There are alternatives you can try for your eco-friendly move. You should look for used boxes, since the typical box can stand multiple moves, depending on what they are holding each time. Ask family who have recently moved, your local grocery store, or any store that would constantly receive large shipments of goods. Finding used boxes is extremely important since brand new ones are not your greenest choice. When we move, we use more than just boxes, and those packing materials can really add up. Try finding bioplastic packing peanuts for a great eco-friendly supply alternative. You will find that our packing services include green packing products if you are looking to hire a moving company.

Donate old items

For an eco-friendly moving experience, you can donate your old clothing and other items you wish to get rid of. This will help alleviate the amount of packing supplies you will end up needing and ease the moving transition. Instead of throwing away these items, you should donate them or sell them to help the environment.

Contact us today to hear about our eco-friendly packing services and how we can assist your next move!




If you are getting prepared to move homes, you should think about your furniture and the proper packing supplies needed. Heavy furniture requires special tools and added care, and you should plan to avoid stress. By investing in a sufficient number of appropriate packing supplies, you will be able to ensure extra protection for your furniture while in transit. Our San Antonio Movers give you the best packing supplies for furniture to use during your next move.

Packing Materials

Important packing supplies for furniture include ridged cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and plastic stretch wrap. For couches and mattresses, purchase covers that fit accordingly to prevent dust and moisture from creeping in. It’s important that you wrap all your furniture pieces properly so that they stay tightly secured during the move. The cardboard sheets are used for strong durability and they are also water resistant. This packing supply is perfect for heavy weighted items because it provides extra strength.

Specialized Packing Equipment

In addition to the proper packing supplies for furniture, you will need special equipment to safely move your heavy furniture and a set of tools for disassembly. These items include furniture pads, moving straps, and a lot of hand tools. You will need a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench to name a few. Don’t forget personal protection gear such as work gloves and you will also want to invest in property protection materials. This includes corner guards, foam paddings, and plywood sheets. A dolly is the last packing equipment we suggest you get your hands on for a seamless move.



You want to hire a moving company for your next move, however you don’t want to be surprised with numerous hidden fees once you receive the bill. At All My Sons in San Antonio we understand the importance of transparency and providing you with the most accurate and fair San Antonio packing company fees. If you want to figure out how you can get a free moving company quote the right way, we have important information we would love to share with you!

Moving Company Fees

You should prepare for all anticipated packing company fees that can occur prior, during, and after your move. We provide an in-house estimator to derive the total cost of your move since every move is different. Our moving package includes movers who pack, load, and transport your items to your new home. Of course, this may come with moving fees that you may not be aware of. For example, flight and large item fees may be included in your contract.

Free Moving Company Quote

There are ways to obtain an accurate moving quote for your upcoming move and we want to make sure we provide you with the best information. By supplying our moving consultants with information regarding the moving date of choice, the zip code you are moving to and from, the square footage of your home, and if there are stairs involved, we will accurately be able to provide you with a free moving quote. These factors are considered when designing a custom quote and we strive to keep it as affordable as possible.

Contact us today for your free quote! We can also easily assist you straight from our website