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If you are new to San Antonio, a guaranteed recommendation from the locals and local San Antonio movers at All My Sons would be to check out the Riverwalk. San Antonio’s Riverwalk, often referred to as downtown, is a large park open 365 days a year. The Riverwalk has everything you can imagine, such as restaurants, bars, beautiful views, hotels, businesses, and of course, the San Antonio River. San Antonio’s Riverwalk is your spot for tasty food, great views, easy shopping, and exciting nightlife.

You can take a riverboat tour along the river when visiting during the day. You can enjoy a relaxing, yet educational, 35-minute ride along the river with a local guide for less than ten dollars.

To satisfy your appetite, check out on the many restaurants available at the Riverwalk. Some of the top chefs in Texas serve up their unique recipes at the Riverwalk, such recipes are featured in Las Ramblas, Biga on the Banks, Acenar, and The Luxury. Riverwalk is also home to a bar that opened in 1933 called The Esquire.

Do not be surprised when you see many men and women in uniform. The Riverwalk in San Antonio is frequented by members of the U.S. Military, and is a typical spot for basic training graduates to celebrate with their family and friends after months of separation.

Riverwalk celebrates holiday traditions, rain or shine. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, San Antonio’s Riverwalk is decked out in Christmas lights, and hosts a parade celebrating the holiday season.

Regardless of what time of the year you attend, it is guaranteed to be great place to celebrate any occasion. San Antonio’s Riverwalk is exempt from open-container ordinances, so grab a drink and take a look around while you visit! Local San Antonio movers also want you to know that the park is a popular spot for big parties and weddings, due to its beautiful venues.

Residents and local San Antonio movers will agree that San Antonio’s Riverwalk is a must see!

15 years later, the September 11 attacks are still a heartbreaking memory for Americans. To honor the thousands of lives lost in the catastrophic 9/11 attacks, The San Antonio 9/11 memorial hosted public officials, first responders, and members of the military at Texas A&M University on Sunday, September 11, 2016 to plant a tree. However, this was not just any tree. The seedling planted was extracted from a Callery pear tree, also known as the “Survivor Tree”. This tree is significant because it endured the 9/11 attacks and is still standing at Ground Zero, 15 years later. CEO of Ground Zero 360, Paul McCormack, says almost 300 of these trees have been planted in different cities across the country, keeping the spirit of our country and our patriotism alive.

Local movers in San Antonio report that many people gathered at the University on Sunday to witness the San Antonio 9/11 memorial and tree planting. The University also displayed photos, memorabilia, and sculptures in honor of the Americans involved in the tragic events. One display included a list of the names of those who died as a result.

Local movers in San Antonio say the city was nominated to receive the seedling from the tree by Ground Zero 360, a nonprofit that coordinates memorial celebrations nationwide. San Antonio is known for its strong military ties and patriotic attitude; It is no surprise that the city continues to honor those who lost their lives in the attacks and the aftermath with a beautiful San Antonio 9/11 memorial.

Are you moving to San Antonio and looking to make a positive impact on your community? San Antonio offers plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved and give back.

Volunteer in San Antonio at the Each One Teach One Adult and Family Literacy Program (EOTOSA). You will be able to help teens and adults learn reading, writing, math, and GED Prep.

Volunteer in San Antonio with Animal Care Services! If you have a pet that qualifies as a Certified Therapy Pet, you can also bring it into Interim Home Care and Hospice to visit with the patients. Volunteers are needed day, evenings, and weekends; thus, you would be able to make your own schedule. Help brighten up a patient’s day!

You can also volunteer in San Antonio to help the elderly. Northeast Senior Assistance needs a volunteer grocery shopper to assist elderly in completing their weekly tasks. Volunteers would call and receive grocery lists, pick up the groceries, and deliver them to the elderly clients.

Have fun while you volunteer in San Antonio! Volunteer Bowling Assistants for the Blind are needed in the San Antonio area. The Low Vision Resource Center asks volunteers to help those who cannot see the game but would still like to try their hand at bowling! Volunteers assist in the bowling and help keep score.

With Good Samaritan Community Services, you can volunteer to become a homework zone leader after moving to San Antonio. Assist students in grades 1-12 in spelling, language arts, social studies, math, art, and science. Volunteer in San Antonio for two nights a week, at only two hours per night.

Become a mentor for youths involved with the Texas Juvenile Justice System. Studies show that youths being mentored by those close in age have a lower recidivism rate, as compared to those without mentors. Meet with your mentee for only eight hours a month to help to keep kids on the right path and change their lives for the better.

For hundreds of years, San Antonio has been home to military personnel and the proud family members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Marine Corps. Needless to say, the city of San Antonio pays its respect to those who serve our country. In fact, San Antonio movers report that San Antonio is frequently referred to as “Military City, USA”. Whether you are currently serving in San Antonio or if you are deciding if it is a good city for San Antonio movers to set you up, get to know all the places that welcome and celebrate the Armed Forces and their family members year-round.

You can find varying United States Military Discounts at the following locations:

– The San Antonio Hardrock Café

– Boiler House Texas Grill and Wine Garden provides a 15% discount for active or retired United States Military personnel and their family members.

– Rita’s on the River will give you a 50% discount on your check if you arrive in uniform.

– The San Antonio Zoo

– San Antonio Botanical Gardens

– The DoSeum: A hands-on museum for children to learn and interact.

– Schlitterbahn: A waterpark with over 70 acres of rides and attractions offers military discounts on admission for all personnel and their families year-round.

– Sea World San Antonio

– Six Flags San Antonio

– Hotels, including Americas Best, La Quinta Convention Center/Riverwalk, Springhill Inn & Suites

– Enjoy United States military discounts at the San Antonio Spurs basketball games with a 10% discount on tickets.

– Military discounts are also extended at Lick Honest Ice Cream, Leelee Shoes, various book stores, and boutiques.

Whether you are serving, or a family member of the United States Military, San Antonio movers want you to know that the city of San Antonio, Texas values you and offers special deals with military discounts.

Hill Country Construction, a roofing and construction company in San Antonio, is helping those with old and new homes in San Antonio. After a severe hail storm in April left the area with over $1.5 billion in damages to the roofs of houses and businesses, many construction companies have been working around the clock to repair the damage. A lot of people in the area, from doctors to San Antonio movers, were affected by the storm.

The company plans to gift one free roof per month. The first recipient is Rosie Morgan, a 90-year-old who used San Antonio movers to move into one of the new homes in San Antonio, that was built in the 1960s. Morgan has no home insurance, and has not replaced the roof since the early 1990s, which means that the damage has accumulated. At this point, Morgan has to stay in a retirement home until she can figure out how to repair the damage. That is when The Owner of Hill Country Construction heard about her story, and made the decision to begin gifting a new roof to those in need, like Rosie Morgan.

San Antonio movers are proud to be a part of a community that cares about its citizens. The trend has caught on and Hill Country Construction has created a snowball of kindness throughout San Antonio. Moody Handyman Services offered to paint for Rosie, free of charge. This will make her house look like the other new homes in San Antonio.

Is the only thing your kids have talked about the past few months Pokémon Go? Then you couldn’t have picked a better time to be moving to San Antonio other than now.

Every Friday in September, the San Antonio Zoo will host Pokémon Go event from 6-9pm. That’s right, your favorite Pokémon will be running around with the local zoo animals.

Each event will have the following contests:

- PokéPics. If you snap a picture of a Pokémon and a zoo animal in the same frame, then share in on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SAZOOPokemonGo for the chance to win a special prize.

- Pokémon Cosplay. This contest will have your kids wish your family had finished moving to San Antonio much earlier! Have then dress up in their favorite Pokémon characters, and the zoo will select three winners.

- PokéGym. Out of all the contests, this one is the most exciting. Winners will gain control over the entire San Antonio Zoo’s PokéGym at the end of the event.

Some tips for catching them all at the San Antonio Zoo are:

- Get there early to find a good parking spot.

- Pack a battery pack.

- Find the air conditioned buildings so you know where to cool off. Our recommendations are the Reptile House, Hippo House, and the Beastro Restaurant.

- Make sure you have plenty of PokéBalls before you get there.

Before you move to San Antonio, you need to do a little bit of research. After all, the last thing you want to do is make it out to your new home and not be prepared.

Once you use your San Antonio movers, you can expect to be paying a mortgage, moving costs, and living costs can be. In order to make sure you are not caught off-guard, check out this guide from All My Sons Moving & Storage on the current cost of living in San Antonio.

Compared to the national average, the cost of living in San Antonio is 13% cheaper than the national average. This makes it a great time to move to San Antonio, considering you can live here for much less money compared to the rest of the nation.

Another great reason to move to San Antonio is the fact that the cost of housing is 27% lower than the national average. Specifically, this means that the cost of housing in the lowest part of the entire index, meaning that you will be able to find your dream home and move to San Antonio in no time.

To put things into perspective, here are some of the most common goods and services on the cost of living index for San Antonio:

– 1 month of internet: $42

– 1 liter of milk: $0.83

– 1 loaf of bread: $1.41

When you think about it, most San Antonio movers see more homes on the market than actual real estate agents do. For this reason, you can consider your San Antonio moving company an extension of the housing market.

Throughout 2016, the rate of home buyers doing cash sales for homes is dropping, while the rate of home buyers choosing mortgages and loans to purchase their house in San Antonio is increasing. An indicator that the economy is finally recovering from the housing bubble popping in 2007, people are starting to go back to using more credit purchases.

When it comes to selling homes, most sellers prefer cash, and most buyers want the lower prices that come from cash sales. Since the rate of home buyers using cash is decreasing, then choosing to go with a cash sale will make you stand out to sellers, and will help you use your San Antonio movers sooner rather than later.

Did you know that the rate of San Antonio’s cash sales is dropping faster than the current national average? A market for cash sales will put the power into the buyer’s hands, ensuring your home search does not last long. For home buyers, this means that you could find your dream house in San Antonio sooner than you realize. Once you do, give your San Antonio movers a call and we will handle the rest.

Are you a new San Antonio resident looking to listen to some live music this upcoming August? Your local equipment movers know of all the best live music shows and concerts in San Antonio for you and your friends to attend next month.

Blink 182, The All American Rejects, All Time Low, and A Day to Remember:  On Saturday, July 30 – end your month with an amazing American rock band that’s still bumping out hits since 1992. Guaranteed to be one of the best concerts in San Antonio this summer, you can catch the bands at the AT&T Center.

Tribal Seeds: If you’re more of the reggae band type, San Antonio equipment movers suggest you check out the Tribal Seeds over at Sam’s Burger Joint on Monday, August 8.

Dirty Heads: Another reggae melodic style group that incorporates hip hop and ska-punk into their music will be headlining one of their concerts in San Antonio at the Aztec Theatre on Tuesday, August 9. If you haven’t heard of them, San Antonio equipment movers highly suggest you check them out.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons: One of the most popular rock bands before the Beatles will be hosting one of their concerts in San Antonio on Wednesday, August 10. The American rock and pop band has been around since the 1960s, with the internationally known album Jersey Boys and hit song Sherry. You can find them at the Majestic Theatre.

Local San Antonio equipment movers are familiar with these types of concert venues and have the ability to move and transport all concert equipment for a stress-free venue set up. If you have any equipment that you need help moving, contact your local San Antonio equipment movers today!

Your local San Antonio movers know that working all week can be tedious. Fortunately, The Hill Country Spa at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa offers a happy hour. However, this is a different way to dedicate some time to relaxing after work: a yoga happy hour.

Guaranteed a highly relaxing experience, “unWINEd” yoga happy hour has returned to San Antonio every other Thursday starting at 6:00 p.m. from May 17 until September 1. You have a few weeks left to get “unWINEd” with outdoor yoga classes overlooking the Texas Hill Country while sipping a rustic selection of Texas wines.

San Antonio movers suggest you arrive early, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all that the spa has to offer while relishing in delicious cheeses and crackers before getting your yoga on. Entry is permitted as early as 4:00 p.m. Whether you are a new yogi or perform intermediate-difficult yoga poses, Yoga happy hour is open to the public and the guests currently staying at the resort. The classes are suitable for all experience levels.

The Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa is located at 9800 Hyatt Resort Drive, right off of Highway 151. Yoga happy hour classes will take place at the resort’s Windflower Spa costing only $20 a person. San Antonio movers want you to know the price is a steal, for indoor yoga classes without alcoholic beverages cost about the same price alone.

Get in touch with good old Mother Nature while enjoying a glass of fine wine until the classes conclude. After a long haul of furniture packing, lifting, moving and replacing, you can bet your San Antonio movers will be taking part in the solid stretching methods that will be implemented.