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Are you looking for fun summer break trips to take this season? Your South San Antonio local movers of All My Sons have put together a list of day trips you can enjoy with friends or family during the summer. From indoor to outdoor activities, you won’t have a dull moment with these summer break trips!

  1. Wonder World Park. Although this is technically not in San Antonio, we won’t tell if you don’t! In only a short 45-minute drive from San Antonio, you will find this unique family friendly park hosting a variety of attractions to keep you entertained all day long. The park has mountains, waterfalls, and a petting park. There is also an incredible 110 ft. observation tower and a tour of the Balcones Fault Line. With something for the whole family, this summer break trip is sure to be a hit.


  1. Comal River. If you are looking for water activities this summer break, try your hand at tubing down the Comal river. Or stop by Schlitterbahn, a water park that is open daily. This is great for kids as it has several attractions and water rides to keep them entertained all day.


  1. Extreme Escape Live Action Games. The South San Antonio local movers highly recommend making a summer break trip to Extreme Escape. It is a new attraction in the South San Antonio area that provides guests with an opportunity to challenge their mental and physical activities by working in teams for an hour to solve tricky puzzles and escape before the clock runs out! Book a room at this South San Antonio attraction and put your skills to the test!

San Antonio is a great place for families, and you’ve certainly made the right choice moving here. In case you want to have some good, summer fun after moving to San Antonio, the local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage share their picks for the best water parks to visit after moving to town.

1. Splashtown

If you are looking for a family friendly, yet exciting water park in the San Antonio area, you should definitely check out Splashtown. Having adventurous rides and attractions for both kids and adults, the park is the perfect family spot you should visit after moving to town.

2. Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

One of the most obscure and exciting water parks in San Antonio and the area, the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine is unique in the fact that it is an indoor water park that can accommodate families overnight. It is definitely worth checking out.

3. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas

In case you truly want to immerse yourself into a wild waterpark experience, you should visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas after moving to San Antonio. With plenty of entertainment for anyone and constantly having the most adventurous of rides, it’s one of the best water parks in the state of Texas.

4. Schlitterbahn Water Park

One of the best rated water parks in the world, Schlitterbahn has over 40 amazing and fun rides and attraction for both kids and parents. The park even has a special kiddie coast for the smallest of toddlers, making it one of the best family parks in the San Antonio area.

Spring is the best season to freshen up your home. With this in mind, the local movers at All My Sons decided to share with you a few tips on just how you can do that. Without further ado, here are the best tip for painting your San Antonio home this spring.

1. Prepare the Essential Tools

If you are going to paint your home, make sure that you have all the painting supplies you will need. This includes paint brushes of various sizes, as well as a paint roller and painter’s tape. Make sure to also prepare some drop cloths and old rags, so you can protect your furniture from spills. A ladder is also essential, and you might also want to have some spackle and caulk so that you can repair any holes or dents in your walls. The local San Antonio movers at All My Sons also recommend that you don’t forget your favorite Pandora station as well. Music will help make painting your home fun and make the time fly.

2. Prepare Your Home for Painting

Start off by wiping down with a duster everything you are going to paint, including the walls, the corners, the ceiling, and baseboards. Also, make sure to tape off your woodwork. After you are done, repair the nail holes and any other damages your wall might have with the spackle and caulk. The next step you should take is to lay down the tarps and cover the furniture in the room. Don’t forget to remove the electrical covers, light switches and similar items from your walls as well. Now you are ready to paint!

If you are moving to a new place, chances are you will have to find a moving company to help you out with the move. If you are moving and would like to make the process simple and stress-free, your best bet is to hire a San Antonio moving company with packing services included. Not sure how to find a moving company that will pack for you? All My Sons shares some tips.

Check the Company’s History

One of the first things you should check when hiring a moving company is their history. While a company with a lot of years of experience behind their backs doesn’t necessarily mean exemplary service, it certainly goes to show that they are doing something right.

Check the Range of Offered Services

Make sure to look for any asterisks when looking for a full-service moving company. While some do advertise packing help, not everyone is able to offer a full range of moving services. Be sure that you are also familiar with the pricing of the company as well. Some tend to advertise an affordable price, while charging you for each little thing.

Check Customer Feedback

Once you’ve selected the perfect San Antonio moving company, before hiring them to help you move, do a little bit more digging to make sure they are 100% the right fit. Check their customer feedback and look for any reviews of the company online. While a person who’s had a bad experience with the company doesn’t mean that the company itself is bad, but checking in with people who’ve already tried the company’s services certainly is the right way to go. See if the majority of the reviews are positive and how old the reviews are – companies fall under new management and no bad reviews in a long period of time is a good sign that they have gotten better.

After moving to San Antonio, the local movers at All My Sons want you to take a break and have some fun with your pets! If you moved to town with a dog, check out these fun things to do with your dog in San Antonio, and maybe you and your dog will make new friends along the way.

The Brackenridge Park

An extremely picturesque park, the Brackenridge park is also extremely dog-friendly. Packed with jogging trails and a small quaint bridge, you will have a blast walking your dog around.

Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

One of the best activities you can try out with your pet in San Antonio is the pet welcoming Grimm Ghost Tours walk. While you’ll have to put your dog on a leash, it is certainly progressive of the tour owners to allow dogs on the ride.

Bad Wolf Ghost Tours

If your dog loved the Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours, you’ll certainly have to check out the Bad Wolf Ghost Tours as well. Leading you and your pet on a journey to the past, the tour also explores the history of the city, making the ride even more memorable and rewarding.

Eisenhower Park

Another dog-friendly park, Eisenhower Park in San Antonio is perfect for a nice, steady stroll. Just remember to keep your pet on a leash.

Phil Hardberger Dog Park

In case your dog gets tired from being on a leash, be sure to let them play around in the Phil Hardberger Dog park where dogs are allowed to roam freely.

Decorating for Spring doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Your San Antonio moving company, All My Sons, has put together a list of fun and creative spring decorating ideas to use in your home this year!

  • Vases can often be overlooked, but simply turning your plain glass vase into a statement piece in your home can do wonders for the décor. Decorate for spring by combining nature with a little creative modification into your home. Take mason jars and paint them colorful pastel colors to add some pop to the room. Finish it off by adding white or light colored flowers. You can also use other unconventional items to hold your flowers. The unique visual will be sure to grab the attention of your guests. When thinking of how to decorate for spring, think green! Bring in that natural greenery and what better way to do so than to use grass? Grass patches are a major trend in decorating homes.


  • Celebrate the spring holidays in your spring decorations. Using cardboard, make your own fun Easter eggs and place them in a vase or in a basket. Using these as a center piece can really make your house seem festive and colorful. You can also add them to a colorful burlap wreath, that will showcase your craftiness and spring spirit.


  • Another great way to decorate for spring is to add some wall art throughout your home. Whether it’s a rustic looking sign or a nice picture frame collage, try switching up the pictures in your home. Periodically changing images can help a home feel different and new which is perfect for spring!


Are you hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party this year? Or perhaps you are just a major fan of the green holiday, regardless of your reasoning the South San Antonio movers are on the case to help you get your home ready and decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.

For those of you hosting a party, what’s more fun than giving your guests mini leprechaun hats and being a crowd of leprechauns looking for your pots of gold! Paper leprechaun hats are cute and creative touches to get your guests in the festive mood.

Speaking of pots of gold, we all know the best gold at any party is the cake! Decorate your cake with a cute pot of gold over the rainbow on top. As a simple trick, all you will need are some marshmallows, extreme rainbow gummy strips, lucky charms marshmallows and a small cupcake. Use the marshmallows as clouds on both ends of your rainbow strip. You can secure the strip with toothpicks. Next hollow out the cupcake, add your lucky charms and place it on the cake. A simple cake topper St. Patrick’s Day decorating idea that will impress all of your guests!

The South San Antonio movers also suggest adding a splash of St. Patrick’s Day décor to your walls with a fun clover banner. There are several ways to create a clover banner whether you go for the traditional triangular pendant banner look or dangling clovers, a banner will help create a more uniform look throughout your party.

You can draw inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day decorating ideas from anywhere. Take risks and enjoy your time decorating your home!

Schools out but work isn’t. Most parents find themselves in the same predicament every year. What to do with kids during their spring break week? The San Antonio movers of All My Sons have put together a list of 7 great activities for kids during their spring break.


Camps are great options for children during spring break. They get to continue playing with friends and are constantly stimulated with fun activities organized by the camp. Best of all, you can usually find a camp that will watch them for most of the day. Cibolo Nature Center and Farm Outdoor Adventure is great for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. It lasts for 3 days and will teach kids to fish, make smores, and look for wildlife. Spring Break Archaeology Camp at UTSA’s Center for Archaeological Research is a great way for your kids to spend their spring break in San Antonio this year. They offer exploration of mummies and ancient art for kids between 9 and 13 years.

Outdoor Activities for Kids

Although these activities require adult supervision, for those parents who take a few days off work, the San Antonio movers highly recommend taking a quick trip to enjoy the various outdoor activities San Antonio has to offer.

Stars and Stripes Drive-in Theater is hosting a special Beauty and the Beast event weekend starting on Friday March 17th. It will have 2 showings during the weekend, the 2nd showing will be on March 18th. Tickets for the event are only $8 per person age 12 and up and for kids below 11 years it is $5. The event will play the premiere of Beauty and the Beast as well as have a real life princess Belle on site for photo ops.

Spring Break in San Antonio doesn’t have to be a boring week locked inside. Take part in the Spring Break Activity Week at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, which will be hosting a week-long event for parents and children to enjoy spending time together while also exercising and using their creativity. There will be various animal guests stopping by throughout the week and daily nature walks in the mornings.

Are you looking forward to spending St. Patrick’s Day in South San Antonio? In that case, the local South San Antonio movers of All My Sons have put together a list of the best spots to enjoy St. Patty’s day specials this year. The list contains the best places to indulge yourself with delicious food and alcohol, that hopefully you won’t regret the next day!

  • At the top of our merry list is BierGarten. With a rich German history and culture, BierGarten will be celebrating this year’s festivities with green colored beer and their world-famous bratwurst and sausage paddles. The BierGarten is located at the Riverwalk and features outdoor hangout areas equipped with umbrellas, waterfalls, and of course the San Antonio River which will be dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day!


  • Pat O’Brien’s is a unique blend of New Orleans and the Alamo. On St. Patrick’s Day, guests can enjoy Pat O’Brien’s famous Hurricane Specialty Drinks and other specialty shots. As a special treat, in honor of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in South San Antonio, guests can also order the special, “Green Hurricane.”


  • Shenanygans Sports Bar & Lounge will be hosting a special night in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. If you are looking to get a little wild at a more sophisticated bar this Patty’s Day, then this is the place to be. With an exclusive atmosphere, Shenanygans will be offering specialty drinks such as mini car bombs, lucky leprechaun buckets and many others! The South San Antonio movers wish you a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day in South San Antonio!

Whether you are moving to San Antonio in March or you are a long-time resident of San Antonio be sure not to miss this year’s St. Patrick’s Day River Parade and Festival. Hosted by Harp and Shamrock it is San Antonio’s largest celebration and includes the best Irish and Texan food! Grab the family and stop by Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day river parade to enjoy the music, crafts, games and as a bonus watch the San Antonio river light up bright green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities start early this year! If you are a fitness or running junkie, participate in the 34th Harp and Shamrock Society 5k run and walk on Saturday, March 11th. Not only are you getting in shape while celebrating Irish heritage, you’ll also be greeted with a delicious Guinness at the end of your run. For those less active, Friday, March 17th join the celebration at the wreath laying ceremony at the entrance of the Alamo. Afterwards you are in for a treat when the San Antonio river is dyed a bright green and renamed in commemoration of Irish heritage. Not to worry if you miss it on the 17th you can stop by on March 18th for another chance to watch the river change colors.

Don’t miss your chance to get a taste of Ireland at the St. Patrick’s Day River Parade and Festival. The celebrations continue until the 18th. On both festival days, guests will be able to learn about early Irish Texans, bag pipes, and the Gaelic language. The festival also offers an opportunity for guests to conduct some genealogy research. Who knows, perhaps you will find a long-lost family member at the festival!