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Moving is a big process, and moving with a pet requires even more work. When you move into your new home, not only will you have to design it to accommodate your lifestyle, but you’ll also have to consider your furry friend. Many times, animals become anxious during a move, so you’ll want to make your new home as comfortable as possible for them. The San Antonio movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have some DIY hacks for creating a fun and comfortable living space for your pet using repurposed household items.

-Make a DIY cat tent: Using a large t-shirt, two wire hangers, tape, safety pines, and scissors, you can create a fun little home for your cat.


-DIY pet bed: create a pet bed by stuffing a pillow inside of an old sweater, the sewing the ends of the arms together. Your pets are more likely to enjoy being near items that smell like you, and this could help them to relax.


-Using shipping pallets, you can build a tv table that doubles as a dog crate.


-If your pet enjoys sleeping with you, build a ramp or stairs for them to easily access your bed without straining themselves by jumping.


-If your furry friend likes sleeping next to your build, try building a dog bed into a night stand or end table.


-Repurpose your unused crib into a dog crate.


-Fill an old suitcase with pillows and blankets, your pet is likely to sleep in it, or use it as a comfortable place to lounge during the day.

The local movers in South San Antonio at All My Sons Moving & Storage report that the city’s Independent School District is considering closing or consolidating in the coming months, if the district efficiency plan moves forward.

The South San Antonio Independent School District has been facing difficulties in recent months, due to a lack of enrollment in almost every school. Movers in South San Antonio say the latest numbers are showing that the district will only be utilizing 60 percent of classrooms this year. If nothing is changed, this means within five years only half of its classrooms will still be in use. Numbers shared in the community meetings show that elementary schools in the ISD are experiencing the biggest decline in enrollment. This is a major waste of resources for the city and the state, costing South San Antonio ISD approximately $2.2 million per year.

Starting in early February and continuing through March, a series of meetings will be held to discuss a plan to run the district more efficiently, which could mean closing several schools. At the first meeting in early February, rows of families gathered to show their disappointment in the ideas of schools closing. Parents are worried not only about their children being sent to overcrowded schools, but local teachers losing their jobs.

Movers in South San Antonio say a plan is not set in stone just yet, but will be finalized in spring once the community meets to discuss a plan to run the ISD more efficiently.

The next two meetings will be held on February 27, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. at Kazen Middle School, then February 28, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. at Shepard Middle School.

Are you looking to make the most of a day in San Antonio? With so many things to do, it’s hard to narrow down the best choices. San Antonio movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have a list of 4 must see attractions that make for a day well spent in San Antonio.

1. San Antonio is best known for Riverwalk – a lively strip that meanders along the banks of the San Antonio River. Riverwalk is a historic area full of shops, restaurants, and live entertainment. Visitors can take a famous river cruise and learn about the history of the area.

2. El Mercado, also known as “Market Square” is the largest Mexican market in the United States. It’s a three-block plaza with 40 different shops featuring a wide range of hand crafted items from hand-embroidered dresses to sombreros. El Mercado is a lively atmosphere, decorated with Christmas lights. It features specialty restaurants and mariachi musicians.

3. San Antonio movers say you can’t miss the Alamo – the symbol of Texas where James Bowie, Davie Crockett, William Travis, and other famous Texans held out for a 13-day siege in a historic battle for Texan independence.

4. San Fernando Cathedral is the perfect conclusion to a day in San Antonio. Commonly referred to as “The Heart of the City”, the structure was built in 1738 and is the oldest standing church in Texas, and the oldest cathedral in the United States. Here, San Antonio movers say you can learn more about San Antonio’s deep roots.

Have you been meaning to make changes in your home, but can’t seem to find the time? You might not believe it, but there are so many little things you can do around your home in ten minutes to freshen up your home.

Check out these 5 tasks you can do in ten minutes or less to freshen up your home, courtesy of All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in South San Antonio

1. Go through your mail. Old, unopened, or junk mail can pile up and leave your house feeling cluttered. In less than ten minutes, you can go through each piece of mail and organize them into appropriate piles.

2. Wipe down the windows. Clean glass can have a significant impact on the amount of sunshine entering your home. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down the insides of the windows in rooms where you spend the most time.

3. Change your sheets. There’s nothing better than laying in a clean, fresh bed. In less than ten minutes you can swap your sheets out, which will help you sleep better and give your room a refreshed look.

4. Give your floors a quick vacuum. Take ten minutes to quickly run through each room with a vacuum, removing any dirt or pet hair that looks bad and can cause odors. This will help freshen up the look and smell of your home in a short time.

5. Buy flowers. Adding a simple vase with flowers in a room or two can really brighten the mood of the room, making it feel fresher and more cheerful. Don’t have time to buy flowers, try a room spray for a quick way to make your home smell great!

Are you looking to try something new this Valentine’s day? All My Sons movers in San Antonio have the perfect recommendation for families with children, long time sweethearts, first dates, and those hoping to meet someone special: The Be My Valentine 5K Run in San Antonio.

The Be My Valentine 5K run is celebrating its 6th year in San Antonio. The race is open to all ages, and will include a run, a Cupid Dress up costume contest, music, and fun surprises. It’s the perfect way to spend a day outdoors, while getting an invigorating exercise.

Movers in San Antonio recommend early registration, as you will receive a discount and a valentine’s t-shirt that specifies your status “I am Single” or “I am taken”. Registration is $40 on the day of the race.

The 5K Run/Walk will take place Sunday February 12, @ 9:30am, 2017. Dress up for the occasion and stay for the fiesta! After the race, attendees can celebrate into the night at Alamo brewery, and enjoy their unique craft beer selection:

Alamo Golden Ale – a crisp refreshing American Blonde ale with a smooth finish

Alamo Amber Lager – a traditional lager

Alamo German Pale Ale – hoppy and medium bodied with a malt finish

Alamo Pilsner – crisp and distinctive

Food trucks will be in attendance, and Filigree will be performing from 6 until 9 PM.

Sign up today and get ready for the Be My Valentine 5K in San Antonio!

Having an AC unit in your home has many benefits, and there are times when Texas residents are extremely thankful to have them. However, many people are unaware that their air conditioning system could be the main culprit for the sniffling, sneezing, and runny eyes they experience in their own homes. If you’re suffering from allergies and feel like you’ve done everything you can to avoid them, South San Antonio local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage recommend looking at your AC for a solution.

Yes, running your AC is beneficial, because it keeps cold air in and allergens out – or does it? It does decrease humidity, and the removal of moisture from the air is essential to avoiding indoor allergies. However, improper maintenance of your AC could be having a reverse effect.

AC filters collect pollen, mold spores, and dust from your air – a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. South San Antonio local movers recommend changing your filter each month. Without proper cleaning or disposal of these filters, your system will recirculate this unhealthy air that can be making you sick. Improper maintenance of air conditioning systems can lead to mucous membrane irritation, headaches, difficulty breathing, and a generally ill feeling. Many homeowners report these symptoms vanishing after cleaning and replacing their AC and AC filter.

South San Antonio local movers also suggest checking your air ducts. If you notice excess dust blowing out of your ducts, it may be time to have them cleaned professionally.

 All My Sons movers of San Antonio report that on Saturday, February 4th, residents, and visitors in the area can experience the opportunity to check out the 2017 San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Tribute Gala. The gala will be held to support local children of San Antonio’s inner city school districts. It will provide funding for their after-school sports programs, in hopes of giving increasing their motivation and success through the power of sport. Movers of San Antonio say the children will receive skill based instruction in track, soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, nutrition, character education, leadership, and team building skills.

This formal event will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, in the Stars at Night Ballroom. It will start with cocktails and a silent auction at 5:30 PM, followed by dinner and the program at 7:30. At 9 PM, there will be a live performance by WAR.

Items up for auction at the Sports Hall of Fame Tribute include:

-Golfers Bucket List Package – a 3-night hotel stay with airfare for two to both championship events, the Masters Championship Rounds Package, and the 2017 US Open Golf Premium.

-Seven day six-night stay with airfare at a beautiful private home in Crested Butte, Colorado

-A private party and movie for 150 people at the Alamo Draft House Cinema Private Showing

-A Full Length Black Sheared Mink reversible coat.

-Two tickets for the three day 2017 Formula 1 event at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas


The South San Antonio local movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know that Texas can be very rainy, especially heading into the early spring months and summer months. An unfortunate result of high levels of rain is that it can cause leaks in your roof. It Is imperative that you fix these as soon as you notice them. Follow this guide to repairing leaks in your roof.

The location of the leak is not necessarily the same as where you see a water spot in your ceiling. Water runs down rafters and can show up a good distance from the roof leak itself. South San Antonio local movers say the best way to find the source of the leak is to look in the roof deck of your attic – this will tell you exactly where the leak is located.

If the water is leaking through the flat surface of your roof deck, remove the nails holding the damaged shingle in place, using a pry bar. Without damaging the shingle, gently lift it and apply a generous amount of tar underneath the tear, then lay the shingle back down. Add a spot of tar over each nail head as well. Next, add another layer of tar on the underside of the shingles for extra protection.

If you find that the leak is occurring near a chimney or a vent, this likely indicates that the seam where the flashing meets the vent pipe has developed a gap. This can occur due to a shifted pipe, or if the caulking dried up. This is a simple fix, simply seal the area with a generous coat of tar.


If you have just completed a move, your family may be feeling the effects that come with moving just before the beginning of a new year. If you have children, it is likely they will be switching to new schools. This can be a tough time for young ones after moving to South San Antonio. Oftentimes, children have a harder time adapting to a move and dealing with the transition. All My Sons Moving & Storage would like to share important tips on how to help your children switch schools in the middle of the academic year to a new school in South San Antonio.

  1. Do your research. Figure out if you can make moving to South San Antonio a little easier by talking to friends for family members that may know some people in your new area. Setting up a play date and helping your children meet new friends can really make a difference.
  1. Gear the school towards things they love. If you have a son that loves basketball, or a daughter who is an artist, look for schools that appeal to your children’s niche. Doing so can help them to be less anxious and a little more excited.
  1. Offer incentive. Understand that is a hard time for your child. Maybe a small shopping trip for some new school clothes will help build them the confidence they need to attend their new school in South San Antonio. A big breakfast or an ice cream treat after the first day is always a great idea!
  1. Ensure that while they will make new friends, you can help them to keep old friends! Make it a point to help your children keep the friendships they already have. These relationships often work as a safe space or an outlet. The trust and bond has already been built, and it is a great way for them to interact without pressure after moving to South San Antonio.

Martin Luther King’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to show your support for the equality of our nation than by getting out into the community and participating in the MLK Run in San Antonio? Your local movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest that this is a great way to meet and mingle with like-minded individuals after moving to San Antonio.

This 5K run/walk will be taking place on the Sunday before Martin Luther King’s Day at 9 a.m. in Martin Luther King Park. This run will be put on by the Young Men’s Leadership Program to fundraise and bring support to their community and the community of San Antonio. This mission on this organization is to influence the forward thinking minds of young people into leaders. After moving to San Antonio, one of the greatest places to get acclimated is at MLK Park. The park offers wonderful scenery and sights to take a run through. There is no time limit for this run, and anyone is welcome to participate.

The MLK Run in San Antonio is a great event for families or friends to partake in as a group. Make a morning out of it and head to Downtown San Antonio after for some lunch, spending the Sunday exploring your new city. Make some fitness friends and train towards completing in more runs in the future if you enjoy this one! Many communities and organizations in San Antonio hold runs and marathons. This is a great way to get involved and give back to your new local community after moving to San Antonio.