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San Antonio local movers want to offer your family the best activities to do together this Thanksgiving weekend in San Antonio. Thanksgiving is about family coming together and enjoying each other’s company, so check out these top things to do on Thanksgiving in town.

1. Holiday River Parade. Do not let your Thanksgiving end early! On Friday, November 25, get the whole family together for the Ford Holiday River Parade. This parade takes place in the evening, so do not fear on missing out on that holiday shopping. The parade is filled with lights and decorations to get everyone into the holiday spirit! Get set up along the river to watch the entire parade or stroll down the river walk and check out the local vendors.

2. San Antonio Great Turkey Challenge. This 5k run takes place the morning of Thanksgiving. The perfect time to get a little extra fitness in before you indulge in your holiday feast! The proceeds of this 5k go towards fighting hunger. A great way to give back to your community and enjoy the holidays! San Antonio local movers suggests getting the whole family on board! Make this a family event, training together will be fun and will help keep you in shape.

3. Last on our list of things to do Thanksgiving weekend in San Antonio is the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza! This 22nd annual music extravaganza is something San Antonio local movers say you will not want to miss! Capture the Hispanic culture of Texas and do something the whole family will enjoy! The performances run through December, so if you miss it the opening Thanksgiving weekend you can still catch the show.

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season! Get into the spirit by getting your home ready to embrace the holiday and seasonal vibe. Your San Antonio residential movers are here to offer some simple tips that will make a big difference in your home. These seasonal decorating ideas are guaranteed to not break the bank and offer just the right amount of energy to your home.

1.Scented candles. Filling your home with the scents of the season will create the vibe you are looking for. Walking into your home and having the scent of cinnamon or apple pie fill the air will help anyone get ready for turkey day!

2. Fall colors. Switch out your center pieces for some fall colored accents! A bouquet of real or fake flowers that are hues of burnt orange, yellow, red, and green will help your home portray the right energy. You can go for a walk outside to pick up some pine cones or acorns to place around candles or display on your mantle (if you have one).

3. Hang a wreath on your door. Hanging a wreath on your door will allow you and your guests to keep the season of giving thanks fresh in your mind upon entering your home. This is one of the easiest seasonal decorating ideas, as you can easily purchase a wreath or make one yourself!

4. Create a cornucopia. Cornucopias are a staple of Thanksgiving. Fill yours with the traditional seasonal vegetables or fill it with some sunflowers. Your San Antonio residential movers suggest adding things specific to you and your family to add a personal spin!

Whichever seasonal decorating ideas you choose to embrace, remember that this is the time for giving thanks. Let these decorations help you and your loved ones remember what is truly important in your lives after moving to San Antonio.

This Halloween, get together with your family and dress up as a theme! Your friends over at All My Sons San Antonio know how important family is, and want to provide you with the best fun costume idea! Whether you are going trick or treating together or going to a party, these ideas will be crowd pleasers. Themed Halloween costumes are a great way to bring the family together, and they make great photos as well!

Sports Theme. Dress your kids in opposing team rivals, while you and your significant other dress as referees. This is a great way to show your team spirit and sibling rivalry at the same time!

Circus Freaks. A fun and creative way to dress your family up and show everyone’s personality is with crazy circus people! If one of your kids is the ring leader of the shenanigans in your family, this could be their costume. A clown, ballerina, strong man, bearded lady and Siamese twins are all great ideas to embrace.

Famous Families. All My Sons San Antonio thinks it is a great idea to have your family portray any famous family for a fun costume idea! Think about the Adams Family, or consider the Flintstones for something a little more lightly hearted!

The Same Costumes. Another easy and fun avenue to take would be having the same costume for everyone, but with unique flares to each. One parent could be the big bad wolf, and the children can all be the little pigs. A family of pirates, mummies, or vampires works well also!

Favorite Movie. Embrace your family’s favorite movie for another fun costume idea that everyone will be thrilled to partake in. Alice in Wonderland, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Finding Nemo, and UP all make for a fun costume idea!

Halloween is a great time to come together as a family. If you are not going to a party you can throw one, or even just have some family fun at home! All My Sons San Antonio suggests some great free Halloween games and activities to play with friends and family at the party!

Full service South San Antonio movers will take care of all the packing for you, and it will be very convenient and professionally done, but if you are looking to pack, we have the packing tips you need.

Read on and change the way you pack forever. It is time to think outside of the box!

Get Boxes from the Liquor Store
How many moving blogs have given you this gold nugget? Of all the packing tips you should be able to benefit from the most, this will be the best, trust us! Go to the liquor store and ask for their extra boxes. They will have plenty of spare boxes, which will save you more spending money.

Pack in Advance
Save yourself time and money by packing before the South San Antonio movers arrive. You should also pack an overnight bag full or essentials that you will need for the night you arrive. You do not want to be digging through boxes looking for a phone charger, contact lenses, or a toothbrush.

Two Birds with One Box
You know the “two birds with one stone” saying? It works for moving as well. Use your socks, shirts, and towels to line the boxes containing valuable materials and breakables. That way, you are moving them, but also using them to protect your valuable belongings.

Visit Blogs with Packing Tips
Get as many packing tips as you can. Visit the All My Sons Moving & Storage moving blog for more, and write down everything you can. If you follow the lists, you will be all set by time the movers show up!

Happy Halloween to everyone who just moved to South San Antonio! What is hallowed in South San Antonio like? Well, it is spooky, fun, and filled with candy and costumes. There are Halloween options for families with children, and those without. So there is no excuse you cannot have fun this Halloween in South San Antonio!

So, how are you going to spend your Halloween in South San Antonio? Here are a few ideas just for you:

Monster Bash
If you have just moved to South San Antonio with kids, then Monster Bash is the way to go. It will be held at the Children’s Museum on Saturday, October 29.

Trick or Treating
Halloween in South San Antonio is a perfect opportunity to take the kids out trick or treating. It gives you a chance to see the neighborhood and collect all that delicious candy! If you just moved to South San Antonio and you would feel more comfortable trick or treating in an enclosed space, check out the More Delightful Than Frightful trick or treat event at Morgan’s Wonderland on Monday, October 31.

Throw a Halloween Party
What better way to get to know the area than to throw your own party for Halloween in South San Antonio? Make it a costume party and show of your personality while mingling with your new neighbors!

Bud Light Halloween Fest
If you moved to San Antonio and you are ready to party, then check out the Bud Light Halloween Fest on Friday, October 28. Dress to impress and have fun this Halloween in South San Antonio!

The southern Texas city of San Antonio offers some of the best breweries for you to wet your whistle after a hard move. Local San Antonio movers state that any new resident who is a beer-lover will not be disappointed when they realize how unique the beer scene is! All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests some of their favorite spots so you can check out the best breweries in San Antonio this fall.

Freetail Brewing Co – This brewery comes equipped with a fall feel, as the brand logo features a bat on the bottles of their beers. Try their “Bat of out Hell” lager or the “Soul Doubt” double IPA. This brewery hosts regular tours, comedy shows, and even CrossFit events.

Bluestar Brewing – This spot is one of your local San Antonio movers’ favorites. With an emphasis on local, this brewery takes pride in their special ingredients. With over 20 years of experience in brewing, the folks over at Bluestar also offer gardening workshops, so you can learn how to produce some of your own fresh ingredients.

Ranger Creek Brewery and Distillery – Ranking as one of the top best breweries in San Antonio, this “brewstillery” is one of the best. Thriving on the “by hand” mentality, the brew and distillery masters at Ranger Creek take pride in what they produce. If you believe beer and whiskey are a match made in heaven, this is the place for you!

The Granary – This awesome spot is perfect for the barbecue lover in your family. Brew and Cue is their mentality, and this brewery is also one of San Antonio’s top barbecue spots! Knowing that beers and food made from scratch result in the highest quality, so this place thrives!

If there is one thing that long distance South San Antonio movers know, it’s that moving long distance with pets can be difficult. Here are a few tips to make it easy.

Moving is stressful for people alone, can you imagine how stressful it will be for your pet? The good news is that moving does not have to be stressful for you or your furry family member. All My Sons Moving & Storage has all the tips you need related to moving long distance with pets. Long distance South San Antonio movers have got you both covered.

Get the Supplies You Need
If you are moving with a cat, it is recommended that you buy a travel cage. Cats tend to get restless, and when you are moving long distance to South San Antonio, the last thing you want is your cat running around the car. For dogs, provide them with a few extra treats, water, and a leash.

Get A Check Up Before You Move
Take your pet to the vet before you move. Explain that you will be moving long distance with pets, and ask the doctor to give your pets their checkups. Also, be sure to get all the information related to your pet’s medical health so you can provide record for the vet when you arrive.

Book at pet Friendly Hotels
The long distance South Antonio movers will not have any issues at hotels and motels, but you might. Call ahead and book at pet friendly hotels in advance.

Takes Breaks
Though you might want to hustle all the way across the country as soon as possibl to meet the long distance South San Antonio movers at your new home, we recommend that you and your pet take rests. Let them get out and stretch their legs or get some fresh air. Be careful with skittish cats, and always use your harness when moving long distance with pets.

At Roosevelt Park on October 22, give back and support Domestic Violence Awareness Month with PEACE. PEACE stands for Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts, and this event does just that. Bringing the community together to support and raise domestic violence awareness considering issues going on that many may not know about.

PEACE in the Park will be open to the community and is a great way to get to know positive and supporting individuals and locals after moving to San Antonio.


This event is not only dedicated to domestic violence awareness, but is also dedicated to creating a peaceful environment for people to feel welcome. It also allows people to come and get educated or simply be around positivism, peace, and love.


At the event, there will be various speakers touching on many different aspects regarding domestic violence awareness. How to tell if someone is in need, how to address the situation, and what to do if you are in a relationship of domestic violence are all topics that will be touched on. Many times, people do not know how to begin a conversation about a touchy topic as this, or some people may not know how to come forward and ask for help. Whatever the case may be, this event is dedicated to opening dialogue and bringing light to domestic violence awareness.


A peace alter will be a staple in the park. Local vendors, performers, healthy food expos, workshops, and even yoga will all be present at the event. There will be something for everyone! This event is kid-friendly, and there will be some activities for them as well. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we know things can be a little hectic if you are just settling after moving to San Antonio. Do not miss out on a great opportunity to support a cause such as this one!


One of the best ways to get excited for fall in Texas in a San Antonio Halloween festival! San Antonio sure knows how to celebrate, so your San Antonio movers suggest checking out this year’s go-to San Antonio Halloween festival. Bud Light host a fun time on the Arneson River in La Villita. This is the place to be for family fun this season! Taking place on October 28, this festival and parade will not let you down!


Upon getting to know the city, your San Antonio movers and the rest of this Texas city loves it parades. The more you get familiar with the local happenings, the more parades you will be attending.


The festive floats in the parade will be covering 2.5 miles of the river walk. Let the decorations get you into the Halloween spirit. The Bud Light coffins will be on display throughout the parade.


Do not forget your costume at this San Antonio Halloween festival. There will be a $1,000 cash prize award for the best costume at the parade. Get creative with your family and think outside of the box for your costume. While buying a costume is easy, you are sure to see some doubles at this event. If you are trying to win the contest, get creative! Design, construct, and make your own costume for originality. This has the potential to be cheaper than buying a costume as well!


Entry is free, making this event one of the best family friendly activities to do upon moving to San Antonio. This San Antonio Halloween festival is sure to help your family make new friends, and you can all get to know some locals after your move! Happy Halloween from all of your San Antonio movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage!

Has it taken you years to grow your favorite fern and you just absolutely cannot leave it behind? Moving with plants creates additional difficulties, but the professional South San Antonio movers know just how to get your plants from your old house to your new one.

Materials You Need to Move with Plants
Go out and get the items you need as soon as you can. You will need:

  • A pot big enough to fit your plants and the root system.
  • Fertilizer, peat moss, and wood shavings.
  • Plenty of water

Before You Move
Do not dig up the plants until the night before your South San Antonio movers arrive. Be sure to be generous with the amount of water you give your plants the day before you leave. This will ensure that your plant stays healthy, and it will also make the soil around your plant softer; thus, your plant will be easier to dig up.

When You Arrive
Now that you have arrived after your move with plants, you need to ensure that your plants survive the trip and settle into their new home.
Remember that when you move with plants, you are probably going to cause some damage. Before replanting, be sure to cut away any damaged roots. Use peat moss, wood shavings, and fertilizer to prepare the soil for the plants.

Consider Starting Again
Although it is not something that most people want to hear when they are considering a move with plants, perhaps it is best to leave your plants behind. Consider taking a few seeds and starting again in your new South San Antonio home. Perhaps after your South San Antonio movers arrive and you are settled into your new home, you can begin using your green thumb once again.