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While uprooting trees and shrubs may seem like an easy task, the task of transplanting plants while moving to San Antonio can be extremely difficult. Many transplants die once they are uprooted due to improper removal or installation. If you are bringing some plants from your previous home to your new home in San Antonio, polish up on your green thumb skills with some tips from the All My Sons Moving & Storage about transplanting plants like trees and shrubs while moving to San Antonio.

1. Prior to transplanting, you will need to determine whether the plant needs sun or shade, the spacing requirements, and watering needs. Make sure to determine the location wisely based upon these parameters, this is a key component to the success of transplanting plants.

2. Next, before you dig up the tree or shrub, you will need to dig a hole in the new location that you have selected. Once you dig up the plant, the longer the roots go without a home, the lower your chances for a successful transplant.

3. Once you reach the bottom of the hole, do not break up the soil beneath. This does not help the plant’s roots penetrate the soil, it can cause the tree or shrub to sink, inviting rot.

4. Once your hole is prepared you should then dig up the tree or shrub for transplanting. You should not dig directly next to the base of the mature tree or shrub rather, start digging about 3-5 feet out from the base to include the mass of the roots.

5. Now that you have the plant uprooted, you should place the plant in the newly prepared hole. Once inside the hole, begin to fill in the dirt and stamp out any air pockets while watering. Stamping out air pockets will prevent the shrub or tree from shifting.

6. Mound up the soil in a ring around the newly transplanted plant, forming a berm that will catch water like a basin. This will help you to achieve the main objective from here on out- keeping the plant’s roots well-watered until they can become established on their own.

7. Place mulch around the plant, approximately 3 inches out, to allow for aeration and prevent rodents from nibbling on the trunk of the newly transplanted plant.

8. The most important step to transplanting plants when moving to San Antonio is to water, water, water! Watering is as essential as anything to success in shrub and tree transplanting.

All My Sons & Storage is happy to announce that San Antonio chef and restauranteur, Johnny Hernandez, will prepare a special meal for the White House this coming Cinco de Mayo. All of the details are still being worked out, however Hernandez is expected to finalize his menu later this week.
The San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez stated “It’s one of the highest accomplishments ofmycareer.”He continued, “I’m very excited to share the authenticity of Mexican cuisine with the White House and to bring the culture of San Antonio to a whole new place.”
Chef Johnny Hernandez will be the first San Antonio chef to serve as a guest at the White House. He will be commemorated along with other notable guest chefs such as Rick Bayless from Chicago, who is remembered for cooking a 2010 state dinner with the then-president of Mexico; and Maricel Presilla, a Cuban native chef who was based in New Jersey and held an authority on Latin American cuisines. Ms. Presilla cooked for President Obama for “Fiesta Latina”in 2009.
There have been other top chefs to display their culinary skills at the White House, including, Emeril Lagasse, Masaharu Morimoto (famed for his legendary run asan Iron chef), Mario Batali, Guy Fieri (of the Food Network), and “Top Chef Masters” winner Marcus Samuelsson.
The movers and packers in San Antonio are proud to congratulate one of our home town residents following their dreams and making it all the way to the White House. A big congratulations isin order for Chef Johnny Henandez. Feliz Cinco de Mayo y buena suerte!

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, everyone is excited to have a reason to drink margaritas and enjoy eating a taco or three. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a San Antonio moving company that has been completing residential and commercial moves to San Antonio for over 25 years. After moving to San Antonio, check out these upcoming May 2016 Festival and Events.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate the Mexican Army’s defeat of the invading French army at the Battle of Puebla, or just enjoy the festival’s music and food at the historic Market Square.

May 11-15: The 35th Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival

Make your way down to Rosedale Park to enjoy over 20 of the best musical acts by national and international Conjunto Music Hall of Fame award winning performers, as well as the talents of Tejano musicians. The Tejano Conjunto Festival is one of the top San Antonio May 2016 festivals and events that will be taking place this spring.

May 19-22: Culinaria Festival

Celebrate at the wine and culinary arts festival as you trudge your way through food trucks, haute cuisine, beer, champagne and wine!

May 21: America’s Armed forces River Parade

Your local San Antonio movers want you to take a break from moving and come together to celebrate the men and women of the Armed Forces of the past, present and future down at the River Walk. Enjoy over twenty patriotically decorated floats while commemorating all branches of service, veterans of recent conflicts and military support group.

May 13 – August 13: Fiesta Noche Del Rio

Enjoy this summer outdoor performance on the River Walk at the Arneson River Theatre where the flavors of Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Texas combine to bring you the songs and dances of Latin America.

Mother’s Day is the one time a year to really show your mom that she is special! Even though you should be making mom feel special year-round, this is her day, so make sure it’s a great one! If you have recently moved to San Antonio, local moving companies know how difficult it may be trying to plan the perfect Mother’s Day in a completely new environment. So, the San Antonio movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have the top local venues to go to enjoy a delectable Mother’s Day meal in the area!

Bob’s Steak & Chop House: San Antonio’s exclusive USDA prime steakhouse, steak is not just a meal for dad, if your mom would like a fancy, upscale steak, Bob’s Steak & Chop House is the perfect Mother’s Day venue in San Antonio for her.

The General Public: This spirited neighborhood restaurant and bar is committed to serving wholesome foods in a warm environment. Enjoy the clean, local, and fresh cuisine coupled with hand-crafted cocktails at this Mother’s Day venue recommended by local San Antonio movers.

Maggiano’s: Does your mom love Italian cuisine? Maggiano’s offers a fine dining Italian experience that is sure to relax your mom while she enjoys her Italian favorites.

SILO Elevated Cuisine – 1604: Looking to make this Mother’s Day impressionable? Take your spouse or mom to one of OpenTable’s Top American Restaurants, and one of Zagat’s Top Local Picks. The elevated, creative, world-class cuisine that is served with meticulous attention will definitely leave a lasting impression on your mom this Mother’s Day.

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? Well, San Antonio locals certainly did; Alamo City is taking part in the celebrations by offering a wide variety of poetry-related events.

Originally starting out with lesser-known events, National Poetry Month in San Antonio has exceeded beyond everyone’s expectations, including your San Antonio moving company. This comes as no surprise considering the city has responded positively to the numerous readings, workshops, festivals, and competitions held throughout the month.

According to San Antonio Poet Laureate Dr. Carmen Tafolla, “Involving everyone, from the preschooler who’s just memorized their first poem to the teen Slam Poet to the Spanish-speaking great-grandparent who’s reciting the lines they learned 80 years ago, these events bring the diverse elements of our community together in a celebration of the power of the spoken word, and expand our awareness of the beauty and the relevance of poetry in our daily lives.”

Families who will be using their San Antonio moving company to relocate to the area strongly support the month-long celebrations. Offering an alternative to typical high school house parties, National Poetry Month in San Antonio offers the opportunity for San Antonio teens to do more after school instead of just playing on their phones.

Designed to increase public awareness about the importance of poetry and it’s place in San Antonio’s culture, Tafolla puts it perfectly when she share that the events represent “an exciting re-definition of active poetry-making and poetry-preserving in our community.”

According to, San Antonio has a relatively high livability score of 79, with San Antonio neighborhoods around the city scoring even higher.

While this comes to no surprise for San Antonio movers, the recent release of the scores have piqued the interest of potential home buyers looking to settle into a more family-oriented neighborhood. After all, who can blame them considering that the surrounding San Antonio neighborhoods have even higher scores that range from 91 to 85. Plus, areas with high livability scores are huge indicators of high graduation rates, low cost of living, low unemployment rates, high income per capita, low crime rates, and strong community involvement.

In order to help decide where your San Antonio movers will be moving you to, check out this list of the best rated San Antonio neighborhoods and their corresponding livability scores.

1. Las Palmas – 91

2. Terrell Hills – 88

3. Scattered Oaks – 86

4. Alamo Heights – 86

5. Terrell Heights – 86

6. The Park at Deerfield – 86

7. Shavano Park – 86

8. Olmos Park – 86

9. Hill Country Village – 85

10. Gold Canyon – 85

11. Range Rider – 85

12. Blanco Woods – 85

13. Fieldstone – 85

14. Hollywood Park – 85

15. Gardens at Brookhollow – 85

16. Ridge at Deerfield – 85

17. Canyon Creek Bluffs – 85

18. Castle Hills Forest – 85

19. North Central Thousand Oaks – 85

20. Santa Fe Trails – 85

Now that you are well aware of the Easter camping tradition, the general consensus amongst your family might be to opt for more traditional ways of celebrating Easter this year. And hey, who can blame them? After all, they did just finish what is often considered one of the most stressful periods of a person’s life – moving to a new home.

With the help of your San Antonio moving company, you will have no trouble sitting back and relaxing this upcoming Easter Sunday. Use this guide from All My Sons Moving & Storage in order to choose which of these San Antonio Easter events your family will enjoy most.

Pump It Up. On March 25 at 10:45 a.m., head over to Pump It Up to take advantage of their open jump time, Easter craft stations, and Easter egg hunt throughout their inflatable areas.

Easter in the Park. One of the many free San Antonio Easter events, Pickrell Park invites every one of all ages to arrive at 9:30 a.m. on March 26 to take part in one of their five egg hunts.

Cibolo Community Easter Egg Hunt. Alamo City certainly has no shortage of Easter egg hunts, ensuring that everyone including locals, newcomers, and even your San Antonio moving company are included. Revealing true southern hospitality, Cibolo community invites people of all ages to come celebrate at Schlather Park on March 26 at 10 a.m.

Needless to say, using your San Antonio movers can give anyone culture shock regardless of where you are relocating from. Southerners are known to do things a little bit differently, and the home of the Alamo is no different.

Staying true to its southern roots, San Antonio locals have a unique Easter tradition that threw even All My Sons Moving & Storage off guard upon hearing about it for the first time. Every year, San Antonio families prepare for the annual tradition of Easter camping.

That’s right, you read it correctly – Easter camping. This is not just the strange tradition from someone’s crazy uncle twice removed, this is a bona fide citywide Easter tradition that even your San Antonio movers take part in. In fact, city officials even relax camping and curfew rules at 10 parks so families can fully enjoy Easter camping.

San Antonio local, Roy Ramirez, shared that “I’ve done it for the last 25 years. It is really fun. We get out here. We have the whole family. Everyone gets together.” As a tribute to the tradition of Easter camping, more longtime San Antonio locals, the Hernandez family, added that their family has gone Easter camping together for the past 30 years.

Make sure that your San Antonio movers finish unpacking all of your moving boxes in time for your family to experience their first year Easter camping. Park curfews will be lifted beginning 11 pm on Thursday and will resume at 11 pm on Easter Sunday.

If you are moving out of San Antonio and selling your home, you will be thrilled to hear that the San Antonio housing market is soaring and is currently a seller’s market.

In fact, now is the perfect time to sell your home in San Antonio, as the local housing market has seen a surge since the beginning of January. San Antonio residential sales surged 6.6 percent last month from January 2015, with 1,534 homes sold, according to data from the San Antonio Board of Realtors. The median price of a home rose 5.3 percent year-over-year — from $176,700 12 months ago to $186,100 last month.

Professional San Antonio movers see the surge as well, as numerous families and young professionals have being moving to the area in order to take advantage of the current state of the San Antonio housing market. Local movers and real estate professionals say that San Antonio’s healthy economy and growing population, coupled with low interest rates, has driven housing sales and price increases as a result. Since it is predicted that sales will keep rising throughout 2016, but at a much slower rate than 2015, San Antonio movers and real estate agents recommend house hunting this year and trying to set a closing date sooner rather than later, while sales are high and prices are only gradually increasing.

If you are moving to San Antonio, let All My Sons help make your move simple and stress-free. Our movers suggest taking advantage of the San Antonio housing market while it is ideal.

This is not your typical “Moving to San Antonio with a Pet” blog post. In fact, the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage San Antonio are just thrilled to announce that a world class dog park is being built for residents in San Antonio, making your move here with your furry friend even more exciting.

One of the oldest parks in northern San Antonio, Maverick Park, was named after a man who contributed the word “maverick” to the English language. Although Maverick Park is owned by the city, local San Antonio residents got together and created a proposal to redevelop the park and make certain improvements. If you are moving to San Antonio with a pet, these improvements aim to make Maverick Park a “world-class” dog park.

The CEO of San Antonio Parks Foundation, a non-profit that is dedicated to improving upon the city’s green spaces, Noah Almanza explained how, “A group of volunteers in the community had this idea because of all the growth San Antonio is experiencing.” Almanza mentioned that the San Antonio Parks Foundation is serving as a liaison between volunteers and the city, as well as managing funding on behalf of the project.

Immense growth to the major Texas city is not news that San Antonio movers are unaware of, as the city, between the years of 2010 and 2013, saw the greatest increase in millennial population than any other U.S. city. In 2015, Forbes ranked moving to San Antonio in the top 10 cities with population growth in the nation.